Spring 22 equipment returns to MRC checkout

Its MAY, and we are all so very busy trying to finish all of our projects and present and document them. The MRC checkout is especially busy this time of year, so please try to be patient with sharing resources and returning equipment in a timely manner so that others may make use as well….

Media Resources Zoom/Online support for evening, weekend or holiday events

Special arrangements are required to ensure support for these events.  A run through of the event should be scheduled with Media Resources during normal working hours (M-F 8:30-4:30) in advance of the event time.  This can be scheduled by emailing Andrew Grant (agrant@risd,.edu) Dylan Costa ( dcosta@risd.edu) to discuss the planned event and to arrange a test/run…

All classroom presentation issues

If you have an issue with projections/presentation systems in any classroom/studio/conference room, please CALL the main Media Resources number for assistance and we will send an AV technician to you ASAP to insure continuation of instruction/meeting, etc. 454-6129.

Laptop loans Spring 22

RISD is continuing to offer three types of loans of laptops for Spring 2022: Laptop loaner program: Semester long loans are available to those who have needs due to not owning a laptop, financial constraints, etc. Please send your inquiry for this type of qualifying loan directly to David Chandler, Supervisor, RISD Media Resources @…

Checkout location

For all who are new to Campus… The Media Resources checkout is located in the main lobby of the RISD Auditorium, 17 Canal Walk.

More on presenting work

Here are a few links to explore possibilities and recommendations for presentation of your work. We hope this is helpful. This first one is via RISD specifically. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e68CaLWagnzQRT96YtpT2qgNtNjjqRIj3lBXSa_DPGs/edit This is for designers in the professional environment, but the principles apply in Higher Ed and the critique culture. https://www.invisionapp.com/inside-design/how-to-present-design-work/ There are a ton of similar prefab…

Equipment Page Link Updates

You can go to the equipment page, click on the name of the piece of equipment and be linked to a page with the product description and specifications. This way you will have a much more informed decision about how to choose what you need for documentation and presentation. As always, if you have questions…

Permissions in Zoom

For all who may have a concern about recording others, there is a way to review options for permissions for recording. It can be found here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360026909191-Enabling-the-recording-disclaimer One less thing to worry about when recording Happy Zooming!!