Media Resources Zoom/Online support for evening, weekend or holiday events

Special arrangements are required to ensure support for these events.  A run through of the event should be scheduled with Media Resources during normal working hours (M-F 8:30-4:30) in advance of the event time.  This can be scheduled by emailing Andrew Grant (agrant@risd,.edu) Dylan Costa ( to discuss the planned event and to arrange a test/run through of the online event.

If the event is of an anticipated high profile/larger attendance or has particularly technically complex presentation needs, then arrangements will need to be made in advance (preferably the week prior to the event) for an AV technician to be present during the event time.

This should be done by contacting David Chandler (Media Resources Supervisor) directly to discuss tech support needs and scheduling of tech support. (

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us all meet the challenges we face during this time.