New webcasting audio device at MRC

We have provided the Logitech BCC950 web conferencing camera to many faculty for use with Zoom. This device has a built in condenser mic in the base of the unit with an echo cancellation feature for cancelling any potential looping/feedback of audio. The device has been successfully used thus far with few exceptions.

One potential issue is when instructors need to be more than 6-8 feet away from the mic/speaker. They may be doing a demo on a loom, throwing wheel, or in a large painting studio space and need voice amplification a distance from the Logitech base unit.

The AKNER Ultraclear conference speaker phone is a wireless/Bluetooth device with six microphones and built in speaker that one can take any where within Bluetooth range and provide high fidelity audio. Please refer to the equipment page for pic/description/specs.

These units are available for checkout by appointment at the Media Resources office.

Please call the office directly to set up a time for pickup/checkout.