Checkout location

For all who are new to Campus… The Media Resources checkout is located in the main lobby of the RISD Auditorium, 17 Canal Walk.

More on presenting work

Here are a few links to explore possibilities and recommendations for presentation of your work. We hope this is helpful. This first one is via RISD specifically. This is for designers in the professional environment, but the principles apply in Higher Ed and the critique culture. There are a ton of similar prefab…

Equipment Page Link Updates

You can go to the equipment page, click on the name of the piece of equipment and be linked to a page with the product description and specifications. This way you will have a much more informed decision about how to choose what you need for documentation and presentation. As always, if you have questions…

Permissions in Zoom

For all who may have a concern about recording others, there is a way to review options for permissions for recording. It can be found here: One less thing to worry about when recording Happy Zooming!!

Presenting Your Work

SHARING YOUR WORK VIRTUALLY (DURING CRITS AND MAYBE BEYOND)   We’re noticing that students and faculty are seeking and finding a variety of effective and expressive ways to share work in virtual contexts. As you head into spring crits, this may be a good time to experiment with various modes of digital presentation. Some of…

Live streaming equipment and user guides

Here a a number of tips, tricks, guides, and products that may be helpful to you as you navigate the Zoomscape. There are still webcams, mics, switchers, camcorders, DSLRs and laptops (PC/Mac) available to faculty at Media Resources. Please email/call to discuss needs or make arrangements for pickup/checkout.

Starting Somewhere with Empathy in Teaching aka 9 Ways of “Surfing the Tsunami”

These are unprecedented times. With the growing, urgent need to “shelter in place” and slow the spread of COVID-19, higher education institutions are closing their campuses and making an emergency transition to online learning. RISD is far from alone in this transition to a virtual world. 1) Start with the basics. Use the tools you know:…