Loan policies 2021-22

Please refer to the Procedures for Checkout Menu tab for specific directions on how to use the MRC Equipment Checkout this Fall.

Here are the updated standard loan policies for Fall 2021:

Standard Loans:

All checkouts loans are for 5 business days. 

The return of all checked out equipment is due back anytime on the fifth business day

The MRC Checkout hours are:

8:30 AM-7:30 PM in Fall and Spring semesters.

8:30 AM-4:50PM for Wintersession

There will be no renewals.

If you need equipment after your return, you will need to wait until the next day to pick up again. This will provide time for the equipment to be tested and made ready for checkout and maximize the available inventory for the RISD Community.

The updated late fees are $10/day flat fees

Late is defined as: Returned after 4PM on the day following the return due date.

Laptop loans Spring 22

RISD is continuing to offer three types of loans of laptops for Spring 22:

  1. Laptop loaner program: Semester long loans are available to those who have needs due to not owning a laptop, financial constraints, etc. Please send your inquiry for this type of qualifying loan directly to David Chandler, Supervisor, RISD Media Resources @ so that appropriate arrangements may be made.

2. Repair loaners: RISD MRC has a small cache of dedicated loaners for those who are having their machine repaired. These loans are typically for 2-4 weeks.

3. Standard loans: As with all checkout inventory, these loans are for 5 business days, at which time the equipment must be returned and may be rechecked depending upon availability.

You will need to sign the loan agreement when you pick up.